Car Elevator

[product introduction]

With the development of the economy, people's living conditions are constantly improving, and the car has gradually entered the home of ordinary people. Mygoldlift design concept with high safety, high comfort, combination of configuration of the integrated controller with high reliability.

Mygoldlift manufacturing production car lift, can be widely used in the parking lot, car repair shop, car dealers, underground garage and other places, is your ladder of choice.

Special circuit control and display system
Special circuit control and display system, that is, the driver in the sedan chair is convenient, and the driver of the waiting ladder outside the sedan chair is convenient.

Double control box design
The car can be equipped with two control boxes, and the driver can manipulate the elevator without going out of the car.

Safety guide device
The safety car Neikejia guiding device, ensuring better lift and vehicle safety.

Elevator car with front and back doors
The elevator car with front and back doors is more convenient for cars to go in and out of the car and safety.

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