[product introduction]

Mygold series escalator products, is based on the existing international standards and Chinese standard, make full use of new materials and the domestic and foreign advanced technology design and manufacturing. Smooth operation, low noise, durable and convenient maintenance. It has exquisite structure, fine ladder Road, exquisite strip way, exquisite appearance and shape, soft modern flavor design style. A safe, comfortable and beautiful escalator allows you to enjoy a leisurely and enjoyable day every day.

The superior performance of escalator
Compact structure:The high strength metal structure is used to make the shape of the product more compact.

Beautiful appearance:The aesthetic design of super consciousness is in line with the process design of human body function and the trend of the world, so that it is harmoniously integrated with the building and the surrounding environment.

Long service life:The light weight and high strength metal frame is adopted to ensure the overall rigidity of the product. The automatic lubrication system ensures that the product can automatically and automatically fuel the components and improve the service life of the product.

Good comfort:The advanced control system and decelerator, high quality drive chain and precise installation process are used to ensure the comfort of the product.


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