Freight Elevator

[product introduction]

Mygoldlift series is based on the Chinese Mygoldlift market demand characteristics, combined with years of high lift production experience, the production of reliable elevator products, transport of goods in a variety of harsh environment work.
It has the advantages of safety and reliability, high strength, durability, smooth operation, large opening distance and high cost performance. It has become an ideal choice for transporting goods in factories, warehouses, shopping malls, property centers and other places.

Excellent performance of speed regulation
Curve running Mygoldlift VVVF speed unique McGowan can smoothly adjust the elevator speed, greatly improve the elevator operation comfort and leveling accuracy and running noise.

Good moment characteristics
The biggest characteristic of Mygoldlift VVVF speed control is the torque constant, regardless of the degree of load, the speed, comfort and leveling accuracy were not affected.

Mygoldlift machineroomless elevator adopts advanced permanent magnet synchronous gearless technology, so no deceleration device improved the elevator hoistway layout, and thus without room; the characteristics of gearless traction machine of its light weight, small volume, thus saving space, greatly improving the performance and quality of the high room elevator, reduced the failure rate.

Mygoldlift machineroomless elevator has compact structure, durable, open the door from the large, smooth operation safety and other excellent qualities. To become the best choice for the transportation of goods, such as factories, warehouses, department stores, property centers, libraries and other units.

Superlarge load
 Mygoldlift No room freight by Hamish Germany advanced manufacturing technology, the room carrying more weight, upgrade from 1600kg to 3000kg, to meet the different levels of customer demand.

Energy saving and environmental protection
Mygoldlift machineroomless elevator traction machine and its energy consumption is only about half of the traditional traction machine. And the oil is not needed, thus eliminating the potential danger of oil pollution and fire in the traditional traction and hydraulic systems.

Save space
The permanent magnet gearless traction machine has the characteristics of light weight, compact structure and small size, which reduces the space needed by elevator and facilitates the layout of shaft holes in cargo rooms without machine rooms.

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