Hydraulic Elevator

[product introduction]

Hydraulic elevator is a special kind of elevator, which is different from other elevators. It has its unique superior performance and applicability. Drive motor and hydraulic pump Mygold liftwith high performance, high quality, the elevator is extremely quiet and smooth. And use a number of safety measures, such as the protection of the safety valve of the system, the one-way valve to prevent the reflux of hydraulic oil and the anti - stall device.

Mygold hydraulic elevator not only has the high leveling accuracy, but also has the stable and good running condition, high reliability, low operation cost, widely applicable to the museum, library, apartment, airport buildings, banks and other places.

Safe and reliable
The hydraulic elevator is safe and reliable. Even if the power failure or power failure occurs, the car can still be stable down to the nearby floor and open the door.

No top machine room is needed
It can be placed in any position near the well, because the area of the machine room is only 4 5m^2, and even the place where the original can not be used can be used as a machine room.

No vertical load on buildings
Because there is no top floor computer room, the vertical loads such as car loads can act on the bottom hole of the well through the hydraulic cylinder, so that the building can not bear the vertical gravity effect of the elevator equipment and load, so as to reduce the construction cost.

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