Passenger Elevator

[product introduction]

The mygoldlift series passenger elevator car design is flexible, is the ideal choice for hotels, restaurants, office buildings, commercial buildings, entertainment centers, shopping malls and other places. The combination of practicality and beauty is skillfully combined, so as to create comfortable and comfortable riding space, and make use of the most effective self checking procedure to elevate the performance of elevators to a higher level, thus meeting the requirements of passengers.

Computer group control management system

Rush hour operation mode: to meet the operation requirements of the office building and other public places.
Uniform operation mode: the principle of minimum waiting time distribution is adopted, and the response of elevator is reasonable and fast.
Idle operation mode: when the elevator is idle, the elevator is evenly distributed in the designated area to wait for the ladder, so that the response of the external call is fast and timely.

mygoldlift series of small machine room elevator, on the basis of modern highly mature technology, to enhance the reliability and flexibility of the elevator system, realize the real advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. Mygoldlift series of small machine room elevator with the usual room compared with the reasonable construction layout makes room area reached as large and well, save room space, while reducing the impact of building room unique appearance, can adapt to the special requirements of the construction of buildings on the appearance, not only reduces the cost of construction, at the same time helps to stimulate the construction of the designer's inspiration, create many magnificent artwork.

The machine room is only an extension of the elevator shaft, so the construction is convenient and the cost is low. The compact permanent magnet synchronous gear free host can leave more space for the machine room. When hoisting equipment from the top of the building is installed, the crane facilities required for this lightweight host are much smaller than the traditional machine room equipment. It can even be hoisted directly from the well path.

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