moving sidewalk

[product introduction]

Mygold automatic sidewalk shopping into a new realm of simple and comfortable. People can reach every corner of the building in a smooth and safe way, even if they push the cart full of it.

 The fashion industry technology integration, global recognition of escalators and moving experts about the Hamish, reliable and durable solutions for any high-quality shopping experience are indispensable.

The superior performance of the automatic sidewalk
The structure is compact and the strain is free:Short pedals greatly reduce the space span, make the whole structure more compact, can adapt to the structure of the structure flexibly, save the valuable building space for the customers. The horizontal and sloping product planning series will enable customers to choose freely according to their layout.

Unparalleled economy:Automatic sidewalk full use of advanced manufacturing technology, greatly improving the product performance, extend the use of the machine cycle, the direct effect is to reduce the operating costs of customers, can choose the variable frequency drive technology, significant energy saving effect, reduce the operation cost of the machine.

Compliance with quality / safety standards:The design of the antiskid groove on the surface of the short pedal has good antiskid performance and makes the ride safe and comfortable. The small angle of the comb can make the shopping cart easily and freely in and out of the sidewalk. Special mainframe, the safety and protection function is complete, the operation is smooth, the drive efficiency is high. The advanced collection control system can control the running state of the sidewalk in an all-round way, even to eliminate the hidden trouble of operation and reduce the maintenance time.

Colourful and colorful decorative effects:The handrails are varied in style and can meet the individual needs of different environments. Punching pattern front plate, beautiful and generous, more stereoscopic. High quality stainless steel is used inside and outside the cover plate.


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