Sundries elevator

[product introduction]

Mygold series of sundries elevator to provide fast, convenient and economical vertical transportation of small goods ladder in various buildings, which greatly saves the time and human resources, highlighting the beautiful environment.

It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, houses, banks, office buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, factories, libraries, laboratories, posts and telecommunications departments, such as food, tableware, daily necessities, coins, documents, medicines, goods, books, instruments, letters and other articles.

Small space, no strong civil bearing capacity, no matter to the new and old buildings can achieve perfect, economic design.

The advanced computer control module is used to make the elevator running smoothly and the flat layer is accurate.

The humanized design makes it more flexible.

Because of its small weight, it can be divided into two types: window type and floor type.

This series of sundries is safe, practical, elegant, quiet, flexible and easy to maintain. It has many standard series of varieties and specifications, and can also be specially designed according to user needs.

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