Service support


Wholeheartedly for the customer

Service is not only a guarantee of security, but also the investment in your equipment. The real service is to foresee and meet the special needs of the customer. Because the definition of service varies with the needs of the customer, the way we meet these requirements is also extensive and personalized.

Our staff offer 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Our national service network and spare parts center guarantee the fastest feedback and the shortest shutdown time.

For your good customer service is your top priority, McGowan elevator company has the same commitment to you.

McGowan elevator to provide services including: analysis and suggestion, customer training, system maintenance, remote monitoring, response time, hotline, contact support and quality parts library construction etc.. Covering the whole process, we firmly believe that things can be achieved It's perfection itself. strict in demands. All of this will ensure that your elevator runs best.


Whole process nanny service

1 equipped with experienced professional and technical team, always provide technical guidance for customers in the three stages of pre-sale, sale and after sale.

2 the recent principle of principle debugging and response, promised to arrive in 30~60 minutes, in the shortest time to help customers to solve the problem;

3 reasonably arrange the maintenance time, without affecting the user's ladder, carry out standardized and standardized maintenance and maintenance work.

4.24 hour customer service hotline to ensure customer emergency maintenance Elevator

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