• Science & Technology Excellent properties of consistent, with stable performance, comfortable ride in feeling.
  • Innovation & Creative In the elevator when the standby lighting and ventilation equipment automatically cut off the elevator.
  • Safety & Green Green environmental protection, energy-saving lamps energy consumption, long service life.

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,Mygoldlift (Suzhou) Co. Ltd is a set of elevator design, sales, manufacturing, installation, renovation, maintenance of the integrated manufacturing enterprise. The company is located in the seven Capital Economic Development Zone of Wujiang, Jiangsu province. It is an economically developed hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta region. Its location is superior, and the network of water, land and air transportation is dense, logistics is convenient, the communication facilities are advanced and perfect, and information communication is fast. Around the coast of Taihu, around six famous Jiangnan Water Town, has a developed economy, thriving trade, Confucian culture.
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We have rich products,including passenger elevator,Escalators,villa elevator,sightseeing elevator,sickbed elevator, elevator,elevator and also support OEM& ODM customization.


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As a leading elevator Manufacturers and Escalators suppliers, Mygold elevator provides customers with excellent elevator and escalator systems based on world-class technology and production technology.

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We have rich products, including passenger elevator, villa elevator, sightseeing elevator, sickbed elevator,Escalator and also support OEM& ODM customization.