Mygoldlift (Suzhou) Co. Ltd is a set of elevator design, sales, manufacturing, installation, renovation, maintenance of the integrated manufacturing enterprise. The company is located in the seven Capital Economic Development Zone of Wujiang, Jiangsu province. It is an economically developed hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta region. Its location is superior, and the network of water, land and air transportation is dense, logistics is convenient, the communication facilities are advanced and perfect, and information communication is fast. Around the coast of Taihu, around six famous Jiangnan Water Town, has a developed economy, thriving trade, Confucian culture.

    The company has rich products, including passenger elevator, villa elevator, sightseeing elevator, sickbed elevator, elevator, elevator and so on, and it can be specially designed according to the needs of customers to meet the diverse needs of users.

    The company always believes that high quality service is a powerful guarantee for the excellent performance of the product. To meet the needs of different countries, regions, users and levels, the company has established an efficient service system for elevator design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. From design to manufacturing, from installation to maintenance, we are determined to meet customer's individual requirements, are on both sides of the Changjiang River service network, trained with regularity of engineering personnel, in accordance with the norms established and practical requirements to provide perfect service for customers, the use of the elevator running status of the implementation of self diagnosis, remote real-time monitoring, remote maintenance etc. technical means to ensure that customers have no worries.