Mygoldlift’s Vision
Detail determines everything, attitude makes the future
Mygoldlift’s Business Mission
Not only for each customer, but also for the front-line service personnel and the whole industry, to create a unique and creative home elevator platform.
Mygoldlift's Enterprise Spirit
Team Spirit Creative Spirit Challenge Spirit Devotion


Team Spirit

The development of enterprises is not the result of individual labor, but the crystallization of team wisdom. The company believes that technology is a resource, talent is a resource, and unity is a resource.


Creative Spirit

Innovation is the source of the development of the enterprise. When we reach a specific goal, we can modify and adjust our ways and methods according to the changes of the outside world, so as to provide creative, innovative and transformative proposals and solutions for the development of our company.


Challenge Spirit

Challenge change, cultivate the consciousness that transcends self, do not meet the existing achievements, and be brave to set higher goals for yourself in work and life.



With a strong sense of self responsibility and dedication, in order to achieve the goal, unremittingly overcome the setbacks in the work.