Elevator stop ladder maintenance car inspection work↓


1: Before stopping the maintenance of the elevator, be […]

1: Before stopping the maintenance of the elevator, be sure to enclose the company standard fence at the base station. In the near car, the Hydraulic elevator will be in an independent state, check the intercom and monitoring room, and tell the customer that the monitoring room personnel are now stopping the maintenance or inspection. service. ↓
2: Run several times in the car with the independent upper and lower express trains. The contents that can be checked are.
A: Check the button, display, switch, lighting and ventilation in the car.
B: Whether there is abnormality in the elevator switch door, whether the light curtain and the safety touch panel work normally.
C: The control box inside the car, the upper and lower train test, the emergency stop, the independent, the driver and other switch tests.
D: Check the condition of the elevator level, pay special attention to the inspection of the first floor, the highest floor, and the floor with a large amount of use.
E: Check if the elevator is running, whether there is abnormal noise, shaking, vibration, and whether there is abnormality in starting and stopping.
F: Call button outside the hall, display check.
G: If abnormal conditions are found, the site that can be processed on site will be processed in time. If it cannot be processed, the records will be reflected to the company in a timely manner. ↓
3: Emergency light inspection, one person stays in the car, one person goes to the computer room to power off (380V, 220V full break), check the power failure lamp and the call device after power off. ↓