Passenger elevator classification


Drive by drive AC elevator: An elevator that uses an AC […]

Drive by drive
AC elevator: An elevator that uses an AC induction motor as a driving force. According to the drag mode, it can be divided into AC single speed, AC double speed, AC voltage regulation, AC variable voltage frequency control and so on.
DC elevator: an elevator that uses a DC motor as a driving force. The rated speed of such elevators is generally above 2.00 m/s. Hydraulic Elevator: An elevator that generally uses an electric pump to drive liquid flow and lifts the car by a plunger.
Rack and pinion elevator: The guide rail is processed into a rack, the car is equipped with a gear that meshes with the rack, and the motor drives the gear to rotate the elevator to lift the car.
Screw elevator: the plunger of the straight-top elevator is processed into a rectangular thread, and then the large nut with the thrust bearing is mounted on the top of the cylinder, and then the nut is rotated by the motor through the reducer (or belt), so that the screw is lifted The elevator that the car rises or falls.
The linear motor driven elevator is powered by a linear motor. At the beginning of the elevator, the steam engine and the internal combustion engine were used as the power to directly drive the elevator, which has been basically extinct. The motor passes through the reducer.