Take the elevator safety tips


1. Please improve the elevator operation efficiency acc […]

1. Please improve the elevator operation efficiency according to the floor button you want to reach.
2. Do not overload the ride by elevator.
3. Take the elevator and do not lean your body on the landing door.
4. Please do not smoke, slap, crowd, or collide in the elevator car to avoid accidents.
5. It is strictly forbidden to transport dangerous articles that are flammable and explosive. In case of special circumstances, it must be approved by the relevant management department and take necessary safety protection measures before shipment.
6. Do not press the emergency button casually. The emergency button is set to cope with unexpected situations. When the elevator is running normally, do not press the emergency button to avoid unnecessary trouble.
7. If the elevator is opened and the elevator car floor and floor are not flush, it indicates that the elevator is faulty. Please stop the ride and wait for the relevant department to handle it.
8. If the elevator fails during the elevator ride and stops running, the following measures should be taken:
The first step: keep calm, stabilize your mood, and don't climb to the elevator yourself;