What are the classifications of elevators?


Classification of elevators, what are the classificatio […]

Classification of elevators, what are the classifications of elevators?

Passenger Elevator: An elevator designed to transport passengers requires complete safety features and a certain interior trim.
Cargo Elevator: Designed primarily for the transport of goods, usually accompanied by an elevator.
  Medical elevator: an elevator designed to transport hospital beds, stretchers, and medical vehicles. The car has a long and narrow character.
  Sundries Elevator: Elevator designed for the transportation of books, documents, food, etc. in libraries, office buildings and restaurants.
  Sightseeing elevator: An elevator that is transparent to the car wall and is used for passengers' sightseeing.
Vehicle Elevator: An elevator used as a shipping vehicle.
  Ship lift: an elevator used on a ship.
Building construction elevator: elevator for building construction and maintenance.
Other types of elevators: In addition to the above-mentioned common elevators, there are also special-purpose elevators, such as cold storage elevators, explosion-proof elevators, mine elevators, power station elevators, and elevators for firefighters.